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A state-licensed, Medicare certified endoscopic facility specializing in colorectal cancer screening and the treatment of various diseases involving the digestive tract.
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Discover the latest information on digestive healthDiscover the latest information on digestive health
Your digestive health is an important ingredient to your overall health. At DHCLA, our goal is to provide our patients with informative and useful information, so the correct preventive measures are implemented. So, while visiting our site, we would love for you to catch up on the latest health information by visiting our blog. Learn More >>
Colon Cancer Screening ClinicColon Cancer Screening Clinic
Through our Open Access Clinic, patients are able to come in for a free evaluation, followed by easy scheduling for a colonoscopy screening, if warranted. This free visit may rule out the need for a pre-op visit, which is often not covered under medical plans. Learn More >>